Trends In Baseball

It is amazing how a fad can change the course of a game and careers. Baseball’s new emphasis on defense this offseason has left the World Series MVP and the likely runner up (Hideki Matsui and Johnny Damon) fighting over a pot of less than $10 mil between them, or so it seems. Huh? When was the World Series – oh that’s right – less t han 3 months ago. Has so much changed in that time that these two players went from invaluable to scrap-heap material, in light of the fact that not one major league baseball game has been played. And Ben Sheets, a pitcher with amazingly bad health, who sat out last season, gets $10 million to see if he can play.

Clearly, the moral of this story is to find the latest fad. I would say teach your kids how to be fielders, not hitters, but who knows what will be in vogue when time comes for them to be drafted!

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