Team USA Robbed of a Goal Against Slovenia in 2010 FIFA World Cup but…

Team USA was robbed of a goal and a win against Slovenia today in their second Group C match of the 2010 FIFA World Cup. In the 85th minute, off a set play, Maurice Edu puts the ball from Landon Donovan into the back of the net. Referee Koman Coulibaly called back the goal on some mysterious foul. After various replays it appears to be a bad call. I for one couldn’t see anything against the US. If there was a foul to be call, it should have been against Slovenia in the box.


As much as I think the goal was good and that the US should have won, the team played poorly in the first half and went down by 2. They should have never put themselves in a situation where the referee was the one that ended up deciding the game.

Was it unfortunate? Yes

Was it a bad call? Yes

Should the US have won? Yes

In the end, the US could have and should have won outright. If they just played the entire game from start to finish, we wouldn’t even be discussing this…

Trends In Baseball

It is amazing how a fad can change the course of a game and careers. Baseball’s new emphasis on defense this offseason has left the World Series MVP and the likely runner up (Hideki Matsui and Johnny Damon) fighting over a pot of less than $10 mil between them, or so it seems. Huh? When was the World Series – oh that’s right – less t han 3 months ago. Has so much changed in that time that these two players went from invaluable to scrap-heap material, in light of the fact that not one major league baseball game has been played. And Ben Sheets, a pitcher with amazingly bad health, who sat out last season, gets $10 million to see if he can play.

Clearly, the moral of this story is to find the latest fad. I would say teach your kids how to be fielders, not hitters, but who knows what will be in vogue when time comes for them to be drafted!

Celtics’ Glen Davis Caught Shouting Obscenity at Heckling Fan

Boston Celtics forward Glen Davis was caught shouting an obscenity at a heckling fan in their road loss to the Detriot Pistons last night.  The expletive was close enough to the mics to be picked up and broadcasted on Celtics’ TV and radio.  Not only that, the heckler reportedly filed a complaint against Davis with NBA security.  The league is investigating and may lead to a fine and suspension.

Glen Davis was rattled and whatever punishment he gets is what he deserves. That’s the whole point.  He should know better.  But, in regards to Zack (the trash talking fan), leave it on the court.  No need to complain to security.  If you can’t take it then don’t dish it.

Because YOU Deserve The Last Word…