• smallcapguru posted an update 11 years, 11 months ago

    Give the Tiger a break. The man is just being a man. He’s still 99.99999% better in life than everyone else. What he does is his biz. We don’t watch him play golf because of his ability to change diapers….

    • Tiger is still the best golfer on the planet. He wins the Masters, all this goes away. Look at Kobe. That dude was on trial for RAPE, and look at him now.

      I don’t like Tiger because he’s a great husband or dad. I like him because he can drive a fucking golf ball 300 yards and has won 14 Majors.

    • I admire him as an athlete, but I can’t separate the man from the athlete.

    • amen dirty south. i meant to write that he’s 99.9999% better in his professional job than everyone else. And with his job as a father/dad, he’s lost his cool (and my agreement with ming on the personal side). But we watch Tiger for his professional prowess. It’s the fans that automatically put everyone’s private life up on a pedestal. I think people should differentiate between the two for fairness. How many good guy buddies do we have that we’d love to watch games with and drink beers with but wouldn’t introduce to our sisters cause he’s a ‘dog’???

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