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    Logically speaking, I don’t know why people hate Peyton Manning. He’s a bad-ass on the field, and he makes funny tv commercials. Am I missing something?

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    Tiger is still the best golfer on the planet. He wins the Masters, all this goes away. Look at Kobe. That dude was on trial for RAPE, and look at him now.

    I don’t like Tiger because he’s a great husband or dad. I like him because he can drive a fucking golf ball 300 yards and has won 14 Majors.

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    First off, props to Ron Burgandy and Ming the Thing for this creation. I shall vent my frustrations, so i apologize in advance.

    Go Mets.
    Fuck the Braves.
    I don’t have an opinion on the yankees(logically no one should).
    I have season tickets to the Atlanta falcons, so I root for them as well.
    I don’t care about hockey.…[Read more]

    • I’m ashamed my first comment isn’t sports related but I have to give props to the Ron Burgandy reference. I hadn’t thought of it and it cracks me up. Kudos.

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