About Us

Our site – trashtalkingfans.com – is a place where you can gloat after a big win, act like a sore loser after a loss, or rile up fans of your heated rivals anytime. The goal is to eventually get enough people signed up that root for common teams (i.e. NY vs. Boston, LA vs. SF, etc.) that on-line battles are waged, with the victors taking smack talk victories. City versus city, region versus region, college versus college – all battling it out at trashtalkingfans.com. There’s a lot of anger out there, just waiting to be brought out!

That’s it. That’s the site. The idea was born out of my anger when I sees rivals happy after a win and can’t bitch anymore to my wife, who is sick and tired of hearing my rage filled rants. You’ve been there too – now do something about it.

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